Kentucky Fried Chicken Vows To Give Free Meals For Anyone In Uniform. Do You Support This?


It has long been an unwritten policy of fast food franchises and convenience stores to offer perks to first responders, such as free coffee or lunches. It is good public relations and has the added benefit of fostering a good relationship with law enforcement and other emergency services personnel, should these businesses ever need to avail themselves of services. It certainly is not “quid pro quo,” but it is smart.

One Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Ohio has taken that time honored policy, and made it public. They recently put up a sign on their entry doors declaring that cops eat free every day. And the response they have gotten will blow your mind.

In light of the current public debate about law enforcement and their communities, a KFC franchise manager in Gallipolis, Ohio has decided to make a very public statement in support of area police officers.

The restaurant has placed a hand written sign on their front door that reads:

“All uniformed police officers eat free everyday.”

The sign has been seen by many as an indirect refutation of the Black Lives Matter organization, as some see any critique of law enforcement as a direct assault on law and order. Police supporters have countered the BLM with their own “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” memes, suggesting that their is somehow an increased level of peril for officers in recent times.

This issue has been in the public arena for a few years now. Some reasons for the increased public concern for First Responder safety may include a general focus on gun-related crime, attention being brought to officer-related shootings by the Black Lives Matter movement, and a quantifiable, but slight, spike in violence against law enforcement officers this year.

Statistically, however, violence against law enforcement is down from an historic high during the mid-1970’s, when the average number of police officers killed in the line of duty reached around 280 a year. In fact, current numbers are even down significantly from 2010, when more than 175 officers were killed in action, including 61 gun-related fatalities and 6 assaults.

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