Bernie Sanders Says President Trump Is Helping People In Puerto Rico Because He Is A White Supremacist!


President Trump has been doing a fantastic job helping the people of Puerto Rico and the governor even confirmed this himself. However, this didn’t stop failed candidate Bernie Sanders from calling President Trump a white supremacist.

“I have to say that the administration has responded to our petitions. FEMA, Brock Long, has been on the phone virtually all the time with me, checking out how things are going,” stated the governor of Puerto Rico. However, the media are choosing to ignore him and spend all of their time on a San Juan mayor.

No matter how much President Trump does, they try to spin everything he does. According to Bernie Sanders, the reason that Puerto Rico isn’t completely fixed already is because he is racist against Puerto Ricans… even though the majority of Puerto Ricans are white.

“Given the president’s history on race, given the fact that he — a few months ago — said there were good people on both sides when neo-Nazis were marching in Charlottesville, yeah, I think we have a right to be suspect that he is treating the people in Puerto Rico in a different way than he has treated the people of Texas or Florida,” said Sanders.

 Where is his proof that he is treating Puerto Rico differently? What does Charlottesville have to do with this at all? But logic and evidence has never mattered to someone like Bernie Sanders.
Check out the video below.

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Gary Maher has been writing seriously since 2010 and professionally since 2013. He has written professionally for three newspapers and seven websites. He also writes short stories and novels on the side. He maintains a staunch Republican mindset and believes the country is in desperate need of a conservative overhaul, and helped get Donald Trump elected President in 2016.