WATCH: Diamond and Silk Send BRILLIANT Message to Kathy Griffin and The Liberal Elites

It’s no wonder that Kathy Griffin thought her behavior was acceptable, given the slanderous treatment of President Trump by the liberal elite.

Twitter stars and Trump supporters, Diamond and Silk, pulverize Kathy Griffin, exclaiming, “Listen, we don’t accept your apology. I don’t care about your forgiveness. We don’t accept any of that because every time we look at you all we see is an anti-American!”

Kathy Griffin is on her way to becoming the most hated person in America — usurping the title from Hillary Clinton.

Former Academy Award seat filler and current cry baby, Kathy Griffin, gained national attention for a photoshoot depicting her holding the bloodied and severed head of President Trump.

Kathy Griffin received immediate backlash, as Americans from across the political spectrum denounced the publicity stunt that wouldn’t be out of place in an ISIS training video.

Holding the severed head of your political adversary is a betrayal to the American way of life. Our country was founded on the basis of free expression and debate — not threats of violence.

Kathy Griffin should pack up her bags and move to Syria, where she would be right at home. If she did, maybe she would finally understand how good she has it in America.

The celebrity offered a halfhearted apology after her attempt at humor sunk faster than Osama bin Laden’s body. It was clear that she is not ashamed of what she did, but rather was attempting to stave off the widespread condemnation she received.

Then, Kathy Griffin appeared at a press conference, attempting to play the victim. She blamed Donald Trump for the wreck that is left of her career, saying, “What’s happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country. Which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the First Lady are personally, I feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever.”

Of course it’s personal — you made it personal. You cannot threaten to assassinate the president and assume everything will be just peachy. You cannot play the victim after holding a model of someone’s — anyone’s — dead, blood-stained head.

It is time to grow up, Kathy Griffin. Apologize sincerely, and return to your life of irrelevancy.

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