WATCH: Former Jihadist DESTROYS CNN Host On Live TV, After She Said THIS About Trump…

A former jihadist who now works in counterterrorism said on CNN Friday that President Trump was exactly right to call terrorists “evil losers.

Mubin Shaikh, a reformed Islamic extremist, reacted to Trump’s comments about terrorists following the Manchester attack on the cable news network.

How does that resonate? Does that embolden terrorists, are they laughing at it, are they angered?” host Brooke Baldwin asked.

It depends…but look, your president was exactly right,” Shaikh, who has done undercover counterterrorism assignments for Canadian intelligence, responded.

I mean, at the base of it they’re murderers,” he declared. “They’re not martyrs, they’re not heroes.

After the Manchester suicide bombing, which killed 22 people, Trump condemned terrorists as “evil losers” in a speech in Israel.

In order to delegitimize and demystify…these are the phrases we need to use. Losers, you know low-lives, scum bags, they all apply,” Saikh asserted.

Brooke Baldwin seemed to agree, calling them “cowards.

Watch the video below:

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