Guilty as SIN , guess who just conceded for taking $250.000 from DISABLED Veterans ? Shame on him ….

The Veterans Administration (VA) exists to help injured, sick, and handicapped vets get the help they have to live cheerful and beneficial lives. America owes it to them to see that they get it for every one of the penances they have made for us.

Without the VA, numerous veterans would be left with crippling ailments, restorative issues, and different issues that no individual ought to need to manage all alone. In any case, when the VA comes up short them, where do they turn?

VA guardian Glenn P. Pearson, in the past a sergeant with the Whitman, Massachusetts Police Department, has perpetrated unconscionable violations against the American veterans he should offer assistance.

The Daily Caller has more:

Former police sergeant Glenn P. Pearson pleaded guilty Tuesday to embezzling funds from disabled veterans in the course of preparing false tax returns.

Pearson, who formerly served as a police sergeant in Whitman, Mass., Also pleaded guilty to wire fraud, preparing false tax returns, obstructing tax laws and misappropriating funds.

“Glenn Pearson took advantage of disabled military veterans who could not manage their own financial affairs, by diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars in VA payments to his personal benefit,” said Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Goldberg in a release from the Department of Justice.

“He then used his tax preparation business to generate more than $ 1.5 million in bogus refunds and obstructed IRS audits looking into the fraudulent returns he prepared. Today, Pearson is held fully accountable for his abuse of trust and fraudulent conduct. “

As a guardian, Pearson was required to help impaired veterans deal with their assets when they can’t do it without anyone’s help in light of mental ineptitude or different issues:

The point of fiduciaries is to help disabled veterans manage their funds when they are unable to do so because of mental incompetence, infirmities or other issues. The fiduciary receives the veteran’s funds and is tasked with managing them appropriately.

Pearson misappropriated and embezzled more than $ 250,000 of benefit funds by raiding the accounts of disabled veterans.