After TRASHING president Trump for months , top democrat could lose THIS !

One great run to take after on the off chance that you will begin a war of words is to make sure you have your truths straight and your own home altogether. Something else, your rivals you have quite recently alienated will get your mistakes and irregularities and beat you over the head with them. In the event that your personality is inflated to the point that you want to state what you wish without respect to the truths, you may set yourself up to be mortified.

All things considered, there are those lawmakers who have made a profession out of lying and who appear to escape with it – or if nothing else appears not to languish excessively over spreading lies. The Clintons rung a bell, yet they have a tremendous measure of organization.

John Lewis is a Congressman from Georgia who hails from the far left. He made news most as of late with his injurious remarks about Donald Trump: “When asked by Meet The Press host Chuck Todd if he would cooperate with Donald Trump moving forward, Lewis responded, ‘It’s going to be very difficult. I do not see this president-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. ‘ “

There’s a great deal of guess there with respect to Mr. Lewis as he gets at helpful hypotheses and states them as a certainty to bolster his silly thought that Donald Trump is not an honest to goodness president. In this manner, he resounds what Mr. Obama and different liberals have said or suggested. Not able to deal with their annihilation, liberals have had temper-fits, which is truly what all the “illegitimate president” talk comes down to.

In any case, Mr. Lewis, in blabbering, has brought two actualities into core interest:

First, “Lewis was revealed to be a liar, as his claim that Trump’s would be the first inauguration for him to miss was a fabrication. Turns out, the leftist Congressman also skipped the inauguration of George W. Bush, and for the very same reason. “

At that point, it was uncovered that he has not “paid what’s coming to him,” which is a liberal mantra if there ever was one. In infringement of this hallowed bit of liberal creed, we find that, “Records show that Democratic Rep. John Lewis, who attacked the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency, has failed to pay taxes on his $ 1 million townhouse in Washington, D.C. (Source: The District of Columbia Office of Tax And Revenue, via GotNews) “

Idealize. The man throwing stones at Donald Trump ends up being a liar and a tax cheat. Obviously, careless radical supporters will figure out how to overlook these two badly designed truths or clarify them away. Be that as it may, you know reality, and anybody willing to investigate can know reality.

Mr. Lewis is just one more liberal liar – and a fairly awful one at that. Maybe he ought to take a few lessons from Bill and Hillary, as though that will benefit him in any way. He could take a stab at coming clean, yet don’t hold your breath.

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