Shocking evidence just ERUPTS , it has been confirmed – It was not Russia … it was Obama !

Indeed, envision my stun that an Obama, or any Democrat administration so far as that is concerned would mess with the domestic election. I don’t know which is less astonishing, the reality they attempted to hack our own particular election or the reality they were incompetent to the point that they got…

New reports show that the Indiana state constituent system persevered through a large number of hacking endeavors this past decision season, and none of them included President Trump or the slippery Russian programmers.

Truth be told, the eventual programmers were somewhat nearer to home. In particular, the Department of Homeland Security under President Obama attempted to hack the system. What’s more, this all happened while Mike Pence was still a senator.

The hypothesis has been that states required in battling back against a government takeover of the decisions were those focused on the organization.

How this isn’t a shock played out on the evening news relentlessly is impossible to say.

They ought to be similarly as frightened, if not more in this way, at this break by the organization.

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