White Girl Is BURNED Alive

Jessica Chambers, a white 19-year-old girl, was burned alive near a gas station in Mississippi. The FBI arrested 17 black gang members who are connected to her murder. Instead of reporting about this horrible way of death, the media stayed silent. This is probably because black people are involved in the crime.

Via US Herald :

There is no doubt that the mainstream media has all but instituted a “blackout” on crimes committed by black thugs, and it’s almost epidemic across all forms of media coverage, and if an incident does make it to the evening news or within a newspaper, look for it to be buried in the newspaper or perhaps “aired” once with minimum time devoted to the story.

Even a horrific incident of a 19-year old girl being burned “alive” doesn’t raise much outrage within the mainstream media if the murdered girl happens to be white and her assailants black.

The FBI has rounded up 17 black gang members in connection with the murder of Jessica Chambers in Mississippi.

She was a white 19-year-old girl who had disappeared from a gas station while she was filling up her car with gas; her body was found burning just a few miles from the station.

The thugs doused her with gasoline and then burned her alive.

The stunning facts are that these types of crimes are happening with more frequency and are seldom reported by the mainstream media, it’s the same mindset that is putting Americans at risk when those in charge refuse to identify those that commit acts of terror, because of political correctness.

FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs.

These men are violent murderers who deserve to pay for their crime. And this crime went virtually unreported by media.

**We send our condolences to Jessica Chambers family. All people no matter the color of their skin involved in this horrible death should rot in prison. What kind of a sick mind burns another human alive? Share this story and make it viral!

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