Here’s The Footage Hillary Clinton Wants DELETED From The Internet

Ever since her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton has been blaming everyone else besides herself for her defeat. She’s blamed FBI Director James Comey, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and even former U.S. President Barack Obama for her loss. This month, Clinton even went so far as to blame the “sexism” and “misogyny” of the American people for her defeat.

Now, Clinton is outraged that the video above this story goes viral, as it is a montage of the many REAL reasons why she lost to Trump. Set to the tune of the legendary The Sound of Music song “My Favorite Things,” this song is SURE to bring a smile to your face! Watch it before Clinton and her liberal minions are able to delete it…

This came after Clinton’s former campaign manager Robby Mook went on live television to present a new pathetic theory as to why the failed Democratic presidential candidate lost.

Right Wing News reported that Mook said Russia “could have been the reason” Clinton lost because they hacked so many DNC servers that it made her look bad. Like most other Democrats, Clinton and Mook can’t let go of the idea that Russia was behind these attacks despite the lack of evidence to support this theory.

When asked if Russia was responsible for Clinton’s loss, Mook replied, “I think it could have. This is the key, no campaign manager, no campaign manager, no candidate should ever sit at a table likes this on a news program and say, ‘I don’t know. The Russians might have been the reason we lost the election.’ It’s not important whether they were or not. What’s important is that it could have been the reason, and that should never happen again.”

Mook went so far as to compare what happened to Clinton to the Watergate scandal that destroyed President Richard Nixon.

“Somebody broke in to the DNC, they didn’t do it physically this time, they did it digitally,” he said. “It’s a foreign country, the president has been lying about it, he lied about whether his staff was talking to Russia, and the more we learn the closer it gets to the president himself and the scarier it gets.”

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