Donald Trump’s Education Secretary Pick Wants To Allow PRAYER Back In School

Many are wondering what kind of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, is going to make. Despite media claims that she was unqualified for the position, her many roles on school and education boards over the last 20 years proved otherwise. But as of yet, we have seen little concrete policy coming out of the department.

For those who want a little insight into the type of person DeVos is , look no further than a quite amazing interview she did with a group named “The Gathering” back in 2001. During the interview, she talked about how the Church has been moved to the back burner of public life and has been “displaced by the public school as the center for (community) activity”.

And DeVos is looking to bring religious freedom back to the forefront of American rights. Which could mean the allowance of prayer in public schools. This is a more contentious issue than ever as schools across the US are actually using taxpayer money to build Muslim prayer rooms on campus whilst still refusing to allow Christian prayer anywhere within the educational system.

**Fans are expecting DeVos to be a feisty and keen operator. Let’s hope she lives up to the hype.

And politically correct atmosphere of today has nearly killed the church.

In fact, people have suppressed the simple act of praying in recent years — which is why Betsy DeVos wants to bring America back to the days where the freedom of expression is tolerated once more.

Which, of course, includes prayer.

Whether you’re a Christian, an atheist, a Muslim, an agnostic, or any other religion — the freedom to pray and exercise your First Amendment rights is one we should all desire.

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