Krauthammer gives a glowing endorsement of Trump and Tillerson and crushes John Kerry at the same time

Krauthammer addressed how impressed he was with Rex Tillersons ‘iciness’ on Fox News. ““Precisely, I was encouraged by the iciness. It was beautiful,” said Krauthammer.

John Kerry would go around like a puppy dog, pretending everything was OK and the Russians were listening … all of this idiocy. What we had [today] was a stone-faced Tillerson who was grave and glum and said everything that was wrong,” explained Krauthammer.

The message is simple: The message is, to the Russians, the eight years of the free lunch is over … You’re gonna meet resistance,” said Krauthammer.

Krauthammer has been very complimentary of President Trump over his latest foreign policy decisions.

“I welcome this. I’m not an America Firster. I thought it was a mistake to enunciate a doctrine in the Inaugural Address which is, we’re coming home. It scared the bee-jeebies out of our allies in NATO, when he talked about it being obsolete. It scared — in the Middle East, the Gulf Arabs were scared to death,” explained Krauthammer.

“I think this is reassuring that we are returning to the classic American definition, where we include our allies, and, most important, we accept world leadership in a way that had not been accepted by Obama, and seemed to be not accepted by Trump the candidate,” he said.

Check out Krauthammers interviews on the President’s foreign policy below.

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