Look What Obama Did IMMEDIATELY After His Farewell Address

Last night, Barack Hussein Obama gave his farewell address as president in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Immediately afterwards, he flew home to Washington D.C. on what was likely his final trip aboard Air Force One.

McClatchy DC reported that the White House said Tuesday night’s round trip to Chicago was Obama’s 445th trip on Air Force One. Since he only has nine days left in office before he will have to hand things over to Donald Trump, it was also almost certainly his last.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said yesterday that Air Force One has flown 2,799 hours and six minutes with Obama as a passenger, which is the equivalent of 116 days. Obama’s Air Force One has flown to 56 countries and 49 states, with Maryland being the only exception since it fits a category of its own, as the presidential aircraft is housed at Joint Base Andrews in suburban Prince George’s County, Maryland.\

“Of all the privileges of this office, and there are many, I will miss Air Force One,” Obama said at an Armed Forces farewell ceremony for himself.

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