Donald Trump Considering Conservative Talk Show Host Laura Ingraham For Press Secretary

As Press Secretary, she would be out there every day, eviscerating the liberal herd mentality. Hard to see a down side.

As Donald Trump prepares to take over the White House, it’s his choice of people to serve in his administration that is giving the Left the vapors.

The latest is the rumor that conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham might be considered for press secretary.


The conservative barn burner would certainly shake things up with the press, as she’s not known or being a wallflower.

Trump tends to reward loyalty and The Hill is reporting that the President-Elect really appreciated Ingraham’s support throughout his campaign. Ingraham is a former defense attorney and was once a Supreme Court Law clerk. She also helped Trump with debate preparation.

Few other media personalities, outside of Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter or the site Breitbart have done more to promote Trump than Ingraham, The Hill writes.

*** I would feel great about Laura giving advice and points of view and her communication skills are great !

She used her profile as a Fox News contributor, her nationally syndicated radio show, and her website to advocate on his behalf. Trump also tapped into Ingraham’s years of dirt-digging on the Clintons to sharpen his attacks on the Democratic nominee.

Ingraham would not comment for this article. A source familiar told The Hill that she’s in contact with people in Trump’s inner circle and has expressed interest in the role.

Trump and his inner circle have great respect for Ingraham , viewing her as tough with great rhetorical skills that could effectively convey the new president’s anti-establishment message – sending the message that he has no interest in “softening” his relationship with establishment Republican leaders in Washington.

Trump isn’t the first insurgent outsider candidate who Ingraham has helped. In 2014, she endorsed Dave Brat when he primaried then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). Brat went on to defeat Cantor in an astonishing upset win – due in large part to Ingraham’s enthusiastic backing.

Another debate going on in the transition planning is whether Trump should pick Republican National Committe Chairman Reince Priebus or his campaign CEO Steve Bannon for chief of staff.

Some conservative grassroots activists, including Tea Party leader Jenny Beth Martin, have publicly warned Trump against picking Priebus because they view him as part of the “establishment” and thus in conflict with Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington.

Bannon, by contrast, is a bomb thrower. As chairman of Breitbart News he built a home for the populist nationalist philosophy that underpinned Trump’s presidential campaign.

If Trump picks Bannon it would raise a middle finger to Republican leadership in D.C. Bannon views House Speaker Paul Ryan as a “globalist” enemy and has given Breitbart reporters direct orders to destroy Ryan.

**We should be so fortunate! After the host of losers, over the last 8 years! I think the president elect is going to change this country, by appointing exceptional people, suited to each position !

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