Assange Sends Devastating Message To Anti-Trump Protesters And The People Paying Them!


We have known for a long time that Soros is behind this paying thugs to start trouble all over this country .

From day one of the Campaigns . It has to be stopped . But Obama or HillaryClinton will not help to stop it .
And the DOJ is still under Obamas thumb . So we may have to hang on until January 20Th when we get a law and order president in Office .

Soros causing the trouble, so Obama can call Martial Law. If you think about it someone here needs to be arrested and another Impeached!

George Soros and has evil plans to destroy America, don’t let the mainstream media fool you! He is responsible for everything that has been going on for the last few days! He is trying to start the next American Revolution, but we can’t let him.

He has to be stopped before he does any permanent damage to this country while he seeks to only further his personal agenda. Wikileaks has helped us discover the truth, and he is still helping us. This time he sends a stunning message to the protesters and the people who are paying them!

We know that the protesters are paid and we have a proof of that!!

No one actually believed that Donald Trump had won!

Once George Soros and his elite friends saw that Trump won they started the protests !The reality began to set in the elite establishment set out to cause chaos in our streets. These criminal minded people who have robbed our country blind want revenge. These evil people want to send a message. Do as your told or else!

With ads on Craigslist they solicit people with money to “protest”. Paid Protesters take to the streets!

People might have thought that Julian Assange and Wikileaks was done once Trump won the presidency but he’s made it clear that he has plenty more to come. Everything is on the table Assange will solve this problem also !

However, Julian do not want to reveal their names so that FBI could arrest them; he is protecting them, even as a price to be connected with Russia! ( you can view the full article below the video). Share this article everywhere if you think that Assange will expose the truth behind this protests!!

Julian Assange , hope you will be free someday. You had awaken the American people of how Democrat party politics really and truly thought and worked, their dirty politics. Their lies, lies ,lies , and sick strategy didn’t work to win this election.

Thanks to you. God bless you.

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